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Stéphane Guérard

Stéphane acquired his expertise in collective entrepreneurship with over 30 years of experience accompanying project managers and entrepreneurs in the community and social economy sector. As a multi-faceted, autodidact entrepreneur who has started several ventures himself, he believes in the capacity of individuals to work together to attain their goals. Economist, administrator and project manager, Stéphane has degrees in finance, accounting and marking, and has completed doctorate studies in management sciences. A supremely skilled lover of numbers, Stéphane is competent and dedicated and possesses a seemingly unending capacity to take on enormous workloads. He makes sure to never take anything for granted in his projects and always grasps an understanding of the greater context, which helps him make links and create synergies for his clients. Stéphane’s formal education and training, his professional experience and his values make him a consultant hard to beat. When he’s not working (and yes, that does happen sometimes!), Stéphane hones his skills in martial arts, airplane piloting and scuba diving and of course… great food and wine!

Daniel Rotman

Daniel developed his skills working with international organizations on four continents, as well as social economy institutions here in Canada. He is particularly interested in new and innovative solutions to social problems and works hard to build these solutions with his clients to better their community. He has been a project manager in a variety of contexts and is capable of adapting to any situation. Daniel holds a MBA with a specialization in social entrepreneurship, as well as a degree in Sociology. He is trilingual (English, French, Spanish) and is methodical, precise and rigorous. He carries his open spirit and infectious smile with him at all times and has excellent organizational skills that allow him to be efficient and reliable. A natural leader and diplomat, he has a strong professional network and is very active in the community and his clients and fellow entrepreneurs hold him in high esteem. Sporty and sociable, Daniel is a people person, often seen in a group or traveling around the world. He’s interested in international politics and social issues, which complements his deep appreciation for family and friendship.

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Éric Steedman

Eric has over 20 years experience as a consultant and entrepreneur, having developed, launched and managed a variety of projects, both for and non-profit. Eric’s expertise is largely focused on solving business challenges, including business planning, market research, and organizational and financing strategies. A big-picture thinker with a keen eye for detail, Eric is however never afraid to dig deep for the key answers to client’s questions. The bigger the challenge, the better! Known for his big smile and polite charm, Eric relishes working closely with clients to see their visions of impactful and innovative projects come to fruition. After starting his career in responsible investment management in New York City, Eric returned to Montreal to complete an MBA at McGill. Eric also holds an M.Phil in politics from the University of Glasgow, and a Honours BA  in political science from Carleton University in Ottawa. Eric loves winter, and all of the activities that go with it. That said, he enjoys hiking and camping in summer too, and most of all, spending time with his daughter, Robin.

Non-active regular members

Germaine Chevrier

We thank Germaine for her years as an active consultant member at the Coop Interface (2009-2017). If you want to contact her, call 514-572-9373.

Barbara Rufo

We thank Barbara for her years as an active consultant member at Coop Interface (2004-2016). If you want to contact her, call 514-777-3801.