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Qui sommes-nous ?

Who are we?

Coop Interface was founded in 1998 to bring a new accompaniment approach to the development of collective entities, in the areas of training, animation, research and the development of new projects and business plans. Driven by our desire to see results, Coop Interface offers flexible, but rigorous expertise to its clients, 

Coop Interface presents an alternative to large consulting firms. Our collective nature provides us wth the means to meet the needs of social economy enterprises, community organizations and cultural organizations.

Who are we?


Coop Interface offers a range of services adapted to the needs of your organization. From initial ideation, to training and coaching, the realization of complex economic studies, the development of business plans and leading your strategic planning process, Coop Interface will deploy its tools and experience to meet th needs of all collective entities.

Interventions auprès de vos organisations

How we work with our clients

With the completion of several dozen mandates per year, our team has acquired substancial knowledge of collective structures. Going beyond the traditional role of consultants, all our team members are also involved on a voluntary basis with committees and boards of directors, a guarantee of our social involvement. You can read some examples in the “Our work” section.

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Our clients

Here are some examples of recent clients of Coop Interface.