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Qui sommes-nous

Coop Interface was founded in 1998 to bring a new lever for the collective structures, by the accompaniment in the training, the animation, the research and the development. Always driven by this desire, the Coop interface offers flexible, but rigorous expertise to its clients.

As a producers' cooperative made up of member-consultants, Coop Interface positions itself both as a pooler of services and as a space for collaboration for its members. It thus allows them to multiply business opportunities and the ability to meet the needs of enterprises and organizations that request it.

Finally, Coop Interface presents an alternative to large consulting firms which, by its collective nature, aims to truly meet the needs of social economy enterprises, community organizations and cultural organizations.


In keeping with its approach and values, Coop Interface aims to:

With regard to its clients: so that each community, organization or project leader can materialize, develop and manage its most daily projects and its wildest dreams.

With regard to its members: that each of its members can flourish and develop their professional and personal skills by contributing to the life of the community in a free, collaborative and remunerative work environment.


The mission of the Coop is to provide its members with the resources and conditions necessary to support project leaders, organizations and communities in their journey and in their practices. So that each client can achieve their goals and contribute to the well-being of their community, the Coop offer a wide range of consulting services, thanks to a flexible, professional and adapted approach.


Coop Interface recognizes the importance of the human in organizations and thus, it adheres to the following values:


Involvement, cooperation, and generosity

Le professionnalisme

Quality, rigor, transparency, ethics and objectivity

La convivialité

Harmony, respect, trust and good humor.

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