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The nature of Coop Interface contributes to positioning it as a privileged partner for the social economy, community organizations and sustainable development sectors. Coop Interface also works with cultural and philanthropic organizations, the tourism sector and the public sector.

Coop Interface approach is based on:


Carrying out a process of reflection or research requires time and resources. Our steps do not remain on the shelves. After the passage of our expert consultants, organizations have the tools to self-develop and take control of their development.


Surrounding yourself well guarantees success. This is why our consultants have complementary qualifications between each other, to which are added external collaborators or partner organizations if necessary. The collaboration is also direct with the client. Our approach is concerted with it in order to ensure the greatest coherence between our action and its needs.


Coop Interface offers quality support with added economic and social value that promotes global understanding and thoughtful action.


Coop Interface is networked, involved in its community and recognized for its positive impact. All of our expert advisors are first and foremost people who take a fair and sustainable development model to heart.

Coop Interface can work directly with organizations with needs or complement complementary teams within a larger project. We are always happy to collaborate on ambitious projects with other social economy enterprises or certain consulting services firms with shared values.

In order to apply this approach on a daily basis with our clients, the members of Coop Interface position themselves alternately as:



Guarantor of the implementation and objectives to facilitate the success of each project (plan, follow up, adjust, evaluate, etc.)

Expert, chercheur et conseiller
Expert, researcher and advisor

Put the expertise of the members and collaborators of Coop Interface at the service of customers by contributing to the content, facilitating operations and proposing methods.

Coach et formateur
Coach and trainer

Accompany clients, by focusing on their learning, to inform their decision-making (questioning, naming, warning, facilitating awareness, leading, etc.)


Coop Interface is a producer’s cooperative whose operation is intended to be adjustable and flexible. Its members practice their profession on a human scale structure, devote most of their time to projects that are important to them and contribute to a favorable environment inside and outside the Coop. Members choose the level of intensity they wish to put at the service of the Coop and its projects, thus facilitating work-life balance.

Management structure

The members of Coop Interface have chosen a management structure that:

  • Is non-hierarchical;
  • Implies a commitment by all to respect the rights and responsibilities in an equitable manner (for example the management of cooperation and team meetings) shared;
  • Allows decisions to be taken by consensus of the regular members when possible, but by simple majority, if necessary;
  • Includes a general assembly for all of its members (regular and auxiliary);
  • Has a board of directors composed of all its regular members.

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